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Originals in acrylic on canvas and limited edition (50pcs) prints available for purchase.

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Eldad is the founder of Pinot Igul. Inspired by his personal experience having cerebral palsy, he is representing the artwork of disabled artists to corporate, government, commercial and private clients to help the artists earn a living from their art. Eldad realized the importance of bringing together a community of special needs artists with people from all backgrounds who want to support them, their work and this project. 

After high school, he was dead-set on making it as a music teacher, but had a change of heart later on. Due to his handicaps he did not fit in with the regular work force. In order to change that, he recognized that he first needed to understand himself and the people around him. So he learned to express himself through art. He began studying art – drawing, painting, theory and art history.

He fell in love with art history but didn’t find many artists who were like him, with a disability, to look up too. He realized how difficult it must be for handicapped artists to make a living from their art.

Eldad Shoshtari

Decided to help artists reach their dream of supporting themselves from their artwork. This led to the birth of Pinot Igul.

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