In Israel,
over 1.5 million people have disabilities

Pinot Igul represents a select group of disabled artists who want to make a living from their art

We challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity. Our activities foster community interaction and aim to build a disability-accepting society.


One of the exciting things that happens within Pinot Igul is that people with extra challenges, varying experiences, but a common awareness, create something shared. We break through the idea that our situations are different and unrelated, and come together – able and disabled people.


Discover the Beauty, Empower the Artists!

Each piece in our gallery is not just art, but a story and a vision from the artist’s soul, available for you to own. Your purchase does more than enhance your space; it supports the artists, fosters their talent, and strengthens our community.

“The art I received is exceptional – it’s more than just decor, it’s a statement. It brings a unique depth and perspective to my space, reflecting the diverse world we live in.”

Diane Jones

In Their Own Words:

Art Buyers' Experiences

“We absolutely thrilled with the artwork we bought. It’s not only visually stunning but also carries a profound message of inclusion and diversity. To us, the artwork is an unbeatable link to the people of Israel”

Mr & Mrs Becker

“Purchasing art from Pinot Igul was not just a transaction, it was an enriching experience. Each piece tells a powerful story of resilience and beauty, truly a masterpiece in my collection.”

Dov Hoch

Media Montage

A Canvas of Events

Feeling Art With ‘Breaking The Walls’ Exhibit By Disabled Artists

Eldad Shoshtari is doing his utmost to get the creative fruits of artists with special needs out there, to cultural consumers across the country and, if possible, the world. An artist’s life can be trying, to say the least. You invest your accrued technical skills, soul, spirit and body – and probably not a little sweat..

‘Color To The World’ With Pinot Igul

Pinot Igul is an organization that focuses on getting disabled artists’ works in front of the public’s eyes. Color to the World, an exhibit created by talented people with special needs, opened Wednesday night in Ganei Tikva. They are part of Pinot Igul, an organization that focuses on getting disabled artists’ works in front of the public’s eyes. Not only for the exposure, but for the cash.

האיש שרוצה להביא יצירות של אמנים עם מוגבלות לסלון שלכם

“פינות עיגול” הוא שמו המעניין של פרויקט חברתי חדש שהקים אלדד שושתרי, צעיר עם שיתוק מוחין. במסגרת הפרויקט הוא מעניק במה לאמנים עם מוגבלויות באתר הנושא שם זה, שם זוכה האמנות שלהם לחשיפה, והם יכולים למכור אותה ולהתפרנס ממנה. כשאני שואלת את שושתרי מה זה אומר “עיגול פינות”..

Art Enthusiasts

We invite you to visit our gallery and discover the beauty of disability art. Our artists come from all walks of life and their work reflects the diversity of the disability experience.

Work Together

Engage with us in a meaningful collaboration to amplify disability art and awareness. Together, we can create impactful projects and events that resonate with diverse audiences. Let's unite our efforts to make a lasting difference in the world of art and inclusion.

corporate exhibition

Host a disability art exhibition to foster inclusivity in your workplace. We manage everything from artwork selection to installation. Our educational programs deepen understanding of disability art and experiences.

join as an artist

We are looking for talented disabled artists to join our community. If you are interested in exhibiting your work at Pinot Igul, please contact us to submit your portfolio.

Exploring Our World Together

A path forward to empower, belong, thrive:

The Employment Landscape for Disabled Individuals in Israel

In Israel, as of 2021, the reality for many individuals with disabilities seeking employment is stark. According to data from the National Insurance Institute, approximately 262,686 people aged 18 and over were receiving...

The Power of Art in Times of War: A Beacon of Hope and Wellness

Art possesses a transformative power, serving as a beacon of hope and a source of wellness, especially during the tumultuous times of war.

Bridging Gaps: The Role of Art in Enhancing Community Interaction and Understanding

In a world where differences often divide, art emerges as a powerful unifier, transcending barriers and fostering a sense of community. At Pinot Igul, we recognize the transformative...

bringing color from a special community

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