bringing color
from a special community

Pinot Igul is a portal into the world of Israeli disability arts and a hub that connects people to a strong, vibrant and creative community. We nurture and showcase talent, provide information and design opportunities for disabled artists through innovative partnerships.

Art Brings Our Community Together

The Pinot Igul community is a place where people with and without disabilities can meet and feel welcome. Through our art and our art events and activities, members of the community have opportunities to gather and interact on-line and in person.

One of the exciting things that happens within Pinot Igul is that people with extra challenges, varying experiences, but a common awareness, create something shared. We break through the idea that our situations are different and unrelated, and come together – able and disabled people.

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All the art in the gallery section is available for purchase. The revenues go directly to the artists and to support their work and building the community.

You can find more information about the different pieces in the Art Gallery section.

Contact us to learn more about how you can help the artists and make your space a little more meaningful.


Pinot Igul supports and helps handicapped artists gain wider visibility and earn a living selling their art. It aims to create and bring together a community that generates awareness of disabled art and helps the artists obtain the recognition they deserve. Our differences do not need to distance us and our shared interests can bring us closer together.  

Artists & Art

Each artist has a personal story. All have overcome difficult challenges resulting in bodies of work that speak volumes about perseverance, the human condition and the joy of life. 

 personal stories

Read the personal stories  and journeys taken by our intriguing artists

Art gallary

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Contact us if you are an artist with disabilities and would like us to promote your work


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the opportunity is

Closer than you think

Hospitals and Event Halls feature exhibitions throughout the year.

Office and Residential buildings hold exhibitions in their lobbies.

City offices, libraries and other community buildings host exhibitions.

Art has the power to transcend verbal and external obstacles