menahem F.

Please Tell Us a Bit About Your Background?

I am 47 yers old, married for 22 years and the father of five precious and wonderful children. Since 2016, when I was hospitalized for a long period due to a severe complex mental illness, which developed as a result of dealing with a difficult family experience and the complexities of life past and present. Part of the hospital recovery and rehabilitation process exposed me to the world of painting. By 2019, I was painting almost full time. Painting helps to keep me in a healing process and contributes to maintaing a positive state of mind, where I can also help others.

What Inspires You?

When I created my first painting and called it "The Sky is Falling" I realized that I could capture unique moments in life of inner illumination and preserve them visually through art and painting. I am excited to know and cherish the artistic dimension which is universal, an exciting world that creates a discourse about the past, present and future, dreams, goals and their fulfillment, for every person. My experience with painting inspires me to regularly volunteer with youth Israel.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

Art for me is a language. It is communication though the language of emotion. Anyone who is exposed to the dimension of art sees a dialogue between the artist and the canvas. Each color conveys an emotion and a thought that is an expression of myself. Art allows me to take my experiences and put the pieces together, and make connections between the different parts of my life. Basically, my art is my life's journey and I invite you all to join me; Let's meet though art, and connect with it...


What is Your Approach to Your Painting?

I paint on wood and am also drawn to canvas and working in acrylic. I feet the colors in my hands, I see the pigments being created. Since then, I spend about a third of my time painting. Every job is a serious investment of time - sometimes months of work. I often work on several pieces at the same time because each one takes me to a different place and expresses something unique.

Pinot Igul


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