Yossi U.

Where are you from?

I am 76 yrs old and was born in Turkey. I left there on my own as a youth and made my way to Germany. From there I spent a brief time in France. Finally, out of a strong sense of Zionism, I came to Israel in 1970. I became an architect and worked in various offices.

What does your art mean to you?

In 2008, I came to Beit hayotzer. Here I began to apply my architectural background to create art. My dyslexia probably also contributes to the kind of art I create. Creating art is a need for me. I have to do it. When I do, I feel at peace. I feel inner quiet. Looking at what I create gives me happiness. The connections I find difficult with people, I find in my art. What people cannot see when they meet me or speak with me, they can see in my art. Through my creations I am acknowledged, I am seen.

What else does art bring you?

Through the process of making my art, I see new sides to things and come to new realizations and understandings.

What is your style?

I can’t say I have any specific style. I have my style. And each time I create a new piece, I am recreating myself. For me art is architecture without all the restrictions of the building laws. In architecture there are so many limitations; practicality defines the work, limiting the artistic side and the rich range of possibilities. I work in all size canvases. Most of my work is mixed media.