Moria M.

Where are you from?

I’m 16yrs old, from Haifa. As her mother explains, Moriah was perfectly fine until age 6 when she contracted an infection in the brain. It completely paralyzed her. After 6 weeks in Rambam hospital, The damage to her brain led to limitations in her motor skills and speech as well as other problems. Moriah was transferred to Levinstein hospital to address the disabilities from the infection. Moriah spent a year in recovery and rehabilitation at Levenstein and it was there that she was introduced to beads.

What does art mean to Moriah?

Turning to Moriah, her mother comments that since age 7, her daughter has been creating jewelry out of beads. “Moriah loves the challenge of creating beautiful things from tiny beads in spite of her disabilities and the long hours it takes her to create each piece.” Moriah adds, “I love the idea that people will be wearing what I created.”

What else does art bring you?

Moriah enjoys the mix of color and gains great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from seeing the final result.

What is your style?

Moriah finds inspiration for the jewelry designs from things she sees on the internet, on-line fashion magazines and from her jewelry teacher.