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I am 61 years old and a mother of two daughters. Following a stroke I have been in rehabilitation at Beit Hayotzer for the last two years. I was born and raised in a family dealing with many problems, as a result I turned to drugs & have been addicted since the age of 19. At the age of 37 I entered drug rehabilitation and was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. As part of my rehabilitation I studied to accompany drug & alcohol victims at the Western Galilee College and then restorative art at Midreshet Beit Berl. For about 17 years I guided & accompanied drug addicts in their detoxification process. All along painting has always been a central & important part of my life, painting for several years at the Art Institute in Neytanya.

why do you make art?

In 2020 I had a stroke and as a result I was admitted to hospital and had surgery to clear a blocked artery, an experience that shook my life & world. Causing me to suffer from anxiety attacks and fears. I needed to change my life habits in order to manage in this new reality. Once again, art is the one thing that helps me trust myself and others, helps me see light, colors, find balance and inner peace. Thanks to Pinot Igul for the support!

Pinot Igul


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